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5 Ways Drug Addiction Harms Women

Drug addiction

Drug addiction has wide-ranging consequences in a woman’s life. A woman addicted to drugs tends to not only suffer damage physically, but also suffer damage in her relationships, career and other aspects of her life. The good news is drug treatment centers like Residence XII that cater exclusively to women can help women slowly untangle the web that drug addiction weaves. Here we’ll explore five areas where drug addiction takes a major toll on women, as outlined by the PsyBlog.

Domestic Violence

Studies have shown a significant link between addiction and domestic violence. While there are many reasons this occurs, one scenario might be a woman who stays with an abusive partner because he is her primary means of obtaining drugs. She may remain in the abusive relationship to her harm because her body has become dependent on the drugs and the abusive partner provides her with a steady stream. Another scenario might be a woman who turns to drugs to cope with the physical and emotional trauma of an abusive relationship.


A woman who suffers from drug addiction may also be unable to keep a steady job. Even high-functioning addicts who are able to remain employed may suffer loss of revenue or miss out on opportunities for advancement because their addiction contributes to lack of productivity, poor social skills at work or even absenteeism. Any loss of work or income due to addiction directly affects the woman’s ability to provide for herself and her family, particularly if the woman is the primary breadwinner.


Women who abuse drugs may also neglect or lash out at the most important people in their life—their family. The woman’s children may miss out on much-needed quality time and nurturing from a mom whose top priority is getting high. Women may also lose interest in a spouse or loving partner that used to mean the world to them, leading to the breakdown of a once-healthy family.

Overdose and Withdrawal

Women who abuse drugs eventually build higher and higher tolerances for that drug. This means the woman must take increasingly higher doses of the drug to achieve the same high she experienced in the past. When a woman’s body becomes dependent on dangerously high doses of a drug, she not only increases her risk of overdose, but also risks suffering major physical side effects when she does stop using the substance.


Drugs have a profound negative effect on a woman’s body—affecting her brain, heart, liver, reproductive health and more. Women who are under the influence of drugs are also at much greater risk of unintentional injuries, car accidents, and contracting STDs. For woman who are pregnant or who could become pregnant, the devastating effects of drugs on fetal health is well documented.

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