That’s how thousands of women struggling with addiction issues have been greeted at Residence XII since 1981. As the Pacific Northwest’s premier alcohol and drug treatment center for women, we offer safe, inclusive and confidential treatment and support for women of all ages, backgrounds, and needs. Residence XII is a women-only facility offering inpatient treatment, a variety of outpatient services, a free family program and strong alumnae for ongoing support on the journey of recovery.
NEW: We are excited to now offer Equine Therapy as part of our inpatient programs.

Inpatient Programs

Residence XII offers women a safe, structured environment to begin their journey toward recovery through our residential inpatient individualized treatment program.


Outpatient Programs

Residence XII offers several outpatient programs including Intensive Outpatient, Extended Care and Continuing Care – providing options tailored to wherever you are in your journey to recovery.


Family Program

Family members are impacted by addiction. We believe that support begins with the family. We offer free family programs for the loved ones of anyone in recovery. Get help for yourself too.


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Your Home Away From Home

Residence XII is located in a private, serene, and natural setting in Kirkland, Washington. Our inpatient program offers comfortable accommodations for both private and group interactions. We address the unique needs of everyone personally and holistically, with a focus on where you are now, how you got here and how to move forward. While staying in the safety and comfort of our “home away from home,” you will enjoy excellent food, privacy, and confidentiality. You will be guided through your journey that starts where you are right now and goes where you want to go – by highly trained and compassionate members of staff.

We understand that drug use is very often accompanied by other issues, such as depression, grief, loss, and past trauma. Sometimes called “co-occurring disorders”, these problems can be overwhelming in the context of addiction. Our specially trained mental health counselors can help you understand and work with these issues.

We also know that addiction to heroin or other opiates sometimes requires the help of medication in order to facilitate recovery. For those women on Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT), we provide ongoing support for this treatment and collaboration with physicians.

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Outpatient treatment offers a chance to continue recovery work with the same level of clinical services but on an outpatient basis. Our outpatient programs are accessed both by inpatients who have graduated inpatient, and women in the community who may not require the daily intensity of residential treatment.

Our treatment plans are accessible and affordable.

We offer free assessments and can usually get you in on the same day.

We are in-network with most major insurance plans.

You can reach us at (425) 823-8844 or call toll free at (800) 776-5944.

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We’ve Got You Covered!

Residence XII works with almost every insurance available in the United States to help our clients get help today.

If you don’t have insurance, we have programs available.  Learn about financing options.

Medicaid/Apple Health

Residence XII works with King County Behavioral Health to make Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Inpatient treatment available to women who live in King County and who have Apple Health (Medicaid) Care Plans.  Medicaid plans may be through Coordinated Care, Amerigroup, Molina, Community Healthcare, and United Health Care.

King County residents will need to meet the county’s requirements by contacting one of the agencies listed (see web link below) that can conduct an SUD Assessment to determine need for Inpatient treatment.  Assessments are submitted to King County for authorization and referrals are issued to Residence XII.  At that point, Residence XII can begin the admissions process to schedule an admission date and time.

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