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The Pickle Juice Detox Method: Does it Really Work? 

There’s potentially nothing worse than having a surprise drug test fall upon your hands, even more so when you have been indeed consuming pot. No one likes being put into that situation, but due to some health and work regulations, it may be an experience that plenty needs to go through.

Does Pickle Juice Work as an Immediate Solution?

f you do have an upcoming drug test that you may need to schedule for, or maybe even dropped in unexpectedly at short notice – do not panic! This little hack may just very well be the solution, however it most likely won’t work if used one or two days prior to said test.

You may have heard that pickle juice could work as a THC detox method, and it has indeed worked for many thanks to the vinegar in it. That being said, there are some pros and cons regarding the use of this adulterant, along with certain instructions to follow if pickle juice will be your way to go.

It is important to keep in mind that pickle juice is generally used as a plan B when more effective resources aren’t available or you prefer a more natural solution for your body. However if you’re in a hurry and you have some detox pills at hand, that might be the wisest way to go. There are other more immediate alternatives that could mask them in your urine test or just flust out – like Toxin Rid pills do.


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How Does Detox Work

Detoxification often involves following a specific and rigorous diet. In case you are wondering about what’s going on in your body during the process, it basically means you’re going through a cleansing process. Your blood and liver are getting rid of the toxins, impurities and basically, any traces that weed, tobacco or alcohol may leave in it. 

When undergoing a cleanse routine one consumes specific nutrients provided by a supplement or meal, in this case, a cucumber and its acidic extracts. Once these nutrients enter our body it enhances its capabilities to get rid of the toxins that cannabis leaves behind.

How Can Pickle Juice Help You Pass A Drug Test: Can Drinking Vinegar Clean Your System?

 Pickle Juice has certain acidic components such as vinegar that can aid the consumer go through a quicker detox, however, it does not work for an instant solution. Having said this, it is important to point out that if you do plan on trying out pickle juice as your detox go-to, make sure you plan a few days ahead, and be open to the possibility that you may not pass the test .

The theory of how it works mostly relies on the acidic elements on the pickle juice that can potentially change the pH in the consumer’s urine, thus creating a false-negative result.  

It is true that the vinegar contained in the pickle juice is perhaps the reason it works for THC detox, however, drinking vinegar and apple cider vinegar does remove marijuana metabolites as well but it won’t be immediate either.  The method for vinegar cleansing is rather similar to that of pickle juice, it often involves mixing the ingredient with at least 2 gallons of water if a larger dosage is consumed creatine and pH levels may be out of normal range thus making your pee sample a negative one.

The second method involves adding apple cider vinegar to the urine sample, since vinegar lowers acidic properties, it will make your urine appear with a lower pH. 

Will Pickle Juice Make Me Pass a Drug Test? 

As previously stated, there have been several cases in which pickle juice has worked like a charm when used as a THC detox method, however, there have been quite a few others who did not obtain the desired results. That being said, although it is still not guaranteed that you will pass a drug test with it, there are some steps you can follow that can make it more effective. Anyway, there are top products like Toxin Rid pills, and you can always rely on them.

How to Make Pickle Juice More Effective

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Plan ahead: If you have an upcoming drug test try to start drinking it as soon as possible, given it will most likely fail if you only drink it a few days prior.
  2. Go jogging: There’s potentially nothing that makes a natural cleansing method more effective than exercising, this also applies to pickle juice as it can help the body release the toxins a little faster.
  3. Drink more than one glass: Try to be generous with the amount of pickle juice you drink, as a couple of sips or just one glass will probably not do the trick as efficiently as one would like, two or more glasses will help out a little more.
  4. Keep hydrated but avoid drinking too much water : Pickle juice might make you extremely thirsty as it is a quite salty beverage. It’s important to drink lots of water when consuming pickle juice, however, if you drink too much the effects might wear off.
  5. Stay away from drugs and alcohol: If you need to pass the test, do stay away from any drug that can potentially make you fail. Regarding alcohol, remember pickle juice mostly works by masking the pH components in your urine, by drinking alcoholic beverages the pickle juice may dilute.
  6. Try to drink pickle juice every day until testing day: In order to be safe and make sure the pickle juice remains in your system, try to drink a little more every day, even if it is a couple of gulps.
  7. If possible, avoid antibiotics: It is known that antibiotics also play a role when it comes to the components of our urine, if pickle juice is, in fact, the go-to for you, medicine could potentially corrupt the end result.
  8. DO NOT MIX ASPIRINS TO YOUR PICKLE JUICE: Word has been spread out that mixing in aspirins to your pickle juice might make the method more effective. Do not try this as it can be severely dangerous, remember health comes first. Once again, do not under any circumstance attempt this.

Negative Side Effects of Pickle Juice

Although there’s the advantage of it being a natural alternative, it is not free of negative side effects accompanied by potential health risks some consumers may experience. These side effects include dehydration due to the high salt levels included in pickle juice, bloating, thirst, stomach ache, diarrhea, vomiting, and cramps.

If you suffer from gout, kidney-related diseases, or have trouble with your blood pressure, it’s preferable if you stay away from pickle juice as your detox method. It may cause high blood pressure, induce stress on the kidneys, and may worsen gout symptoms.

Customer Reviews

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Alternative Methods

Often the aspirin method is found on the internet, but it could prove ineffective. It does not have a specific dosage and often involves homemade recipes which could be harmful for users. 

There is a chance to pass a drug test if you choose to go for the aspirin method. The most safe recipe is take up to 325 grams and 3 liters of water. But keep in mind the health risks. On another hand, cranberry juice won’t clean your system from drugs. But it can definitely help if you’re looking to enhance your urinary tract and serve as a complementary detox drink.

And if you want to detox with guarantee – you definitely should try detox drinks like QCarbo32. It’s a detox drink that flushes out drug metabolites from your urinary tract and bladder.

An Overview on The Pickle Juice Method

This may seem like an ideal, natural technique to cleanse your body if you have a drug test in a matter of days – preferably at least a week. But still this detox method has mixed reviews over the years. Many cannabis consumers surprised with good results, and others unfortunately disappointed due to the failed attempt. It always works better depending on the person’s metabolic system.