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Alcohol and drug abuse programs

Because women tend to hide their alcohol abuse or drug abuse, and suffer more shame for it, Residence XII has designed all treatment programs around the special needs of women in treatment and recovery.

Located near Seattle in Kirkland WA, our drug and alcohol abuse programs are abstinence-based and use 12-step principles. Residence XII alcohol and drug programs focus on the disease of addiction, guilt and shame, self-esteem, assertiveness, life skills for sobriety, nutrition, and relationship issues.

Each treatment plan includes a Family Program component that helps family members learn how to support the woman in recovery as they focus on their own. The Family Program is open to the public.

Residence XII was founded as the premier center for women in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest and was among the first women’s drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers in the United States to offer a safe and supportive environment for women seeking treatment for substance abuse.