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Outpatient Programs

Women tend to hide their alcohol and drug abuse and suffer more shame for it. At Residence XII we have designed our programs around the special needs of women in treatment and recovery.

Residence XII offers a selection of Outpatient programs which are designed as either a step-down from an Inpatient program providing additional support or as an entry program into our Intensive Outpatient program. Treatment plans are developed to support each woman.

The Continuing Care and Extended Care programs offer a deeper understanding of how addiction has affected the woman. Once in recovery, patients have found that further exploration of the connection between substance abuse and trauma, or a focused look at relationships, strengthens their ongoing recovery efforts.

Intensive Outpatient

The Intensive Outpatient program is the first stage of treatment for women who did not participate in the Inpatient program. For patients who participate in the Inpatient program, this is the next step in their journey to recovery.

This program varies in length depending on the treatment plan designed for each patient. The average program length 24 sessions over 8 weeks. There are morning and evening groups. Group sessions are approximately three hours long and each woman participates in one individual counseling session every second week.

The groups are purposefully kept small to create a safe environment for sharing and healing. The counseling sessions address biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of the disease and recovery.

Counseling modalities include cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy, and trauma informed care, with a 12-step foundation.

We also utilize the evidence-based practice of Seeking Safety, which is available for women to address addiction and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The program includes Family Group twice a month for family, friends, and other support people to participate with their loved one to learn more about addiction, relapse prevention, family systems and communication skill building. Family and friends are encouraged to participate in the Family Program. Click to learn more about our Family Program.

Recovery is a journey, so once Inpatient and Outpatient programs are completed, we recommend the transition to our Continuing Care Outpatient Program. We also offer an Extended Care program. This program offers more in-depth personal discovery to aid in recovery and continues the journey of joyful sobriety.

Continuing Care

After IOP completion it is recommended that women step down to Continuing Care. Residence XII also offers Continuing Care to further individualize women’s treatment needs.

Continuing Care Outpatient

  • Ongoing individualized support after completion of IOP
  • 1.5-hour group session, women are able to attend one to two times per week depending on need
  • Variable length of treatment based on individual needs, between 16 to 24 weeks
  • Therapeutic group counseling with individual counseling and family sessions as needed
  • Ongoing support and accountability from counselor and peers as women integrate recovery behaviors into their lives

Extended Care Classes Include

Seeking Safety:

Seeking Safety is an evidence-based, proactive curriculum that was developed for individuals who have experienced trauma in addition to their substance abuse. Goals include establishing safety, coping skills development, gaining control over the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and development of social supports and resources for recovery.

Groups meet for 12-weeks

Helping Women Recover:

Helping Women Recover is an evidence-based, empirically tested therapeutic intervention program created to meet the needs of women with addiction and co-occurring mental health challenges. This therapeutic group covers topics to help the recovering women create a vision of what it means to live successfully. Topics include healthy relationships, sexuality and addiction, body image, spirituality, and meditation.

Groups meet for 12-weeks