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Residence XII Alumnae

Join us for our weekly sober support meetings, monthly potlucks, and our annual retreat in the woods. Here you will find a community of like-minded sober women who have been through Residence XII and can share your journey.

Lifelong Recovery and Fellowship

As addiction progresses the disease often takes us to place of isolation. There’s hope, thousands of women have found a new life in sobriety through Residence XII. One of the key components to maintaining this new way of life is connection. Graduates of Residence XII find such connection through our robust Alumnae Association. Residence XII alumnae have a community of women who understand isolation, and are moving on by supporting each other.

Alumnae Events

Sober Gals

Held at Residence XII join us for our women’s only AA affiliated sober support group. This group meets each Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Oak Room.

Monthly Potluck

Are held on the 3rd Friday of each month.

The potluck begins at 6:00 p.m. in the Oak Room at Residence XII.  This is a great opportunity to catch up with others and support our women currently in our Inpatient and Outpatient programs. Bring your favorite dish to share!

Dates for all years

April 21st
May 19th
June 16th
July 21st
August 18th
September 15th
October 20th
November 17th
December 15th

Annual Alumnae Picnic

Saturday, September 9th at Residence XII. More details to come!
Downtown Kirkland Association Summer Concerts

Residence XII will be attending some of the summer Concerts at the Marina in Downtown Kirkland. Dates and details to come. Stay tuned!

Residence XII Annual Retreat

This year’s theme is “Recovery in Balance.”

You will hear compelling speakers and be able to participate in yoga, crafts, fireside chats and hiking.  Some come prepared to relax and enjoy a wonderful weekend with your sisters.

Once again we will have massage therapists onsite to offer their healing touch to your indulgent weekend.  Massage services are an additional fee. Participants are responsible for fees for massage therapy.

Join us and enjoy a peaceful woodland setting and the beautiful fireside meeting rooms at Rainbow Lodge.

Dates: Friday, July 14-16   Price: $200.00 for two nights, five meals/snacks and retreat activities
Place: Rainbow Lodge in North Bend.

Are you a graduate of Residence XII and want to join the Alumnae Committee?

Stay Connected – Get Involved

By Jo ~ Residence XII Alumni Committee President

Like many others during active addition, I was completely withdrawn, secretive and isolated. I was alone. That all changed after having been given an ultimatum by my husband to get help, get sober, or get out. He had found Residence XII, an all women’s treatment facility which I reluctantly agreed to. Though I initially thought I was being handed a prison sentence of sorts, I quickly discovered women just like me and my mask began to peel off for possibly the first time in my life! I was beginning to hear and see a solution.

The day I surrendered began the end of isolation, and the journey into a vast recovery community that I never dreamed would be so rewarding, empowering, and ultimately, life fulfilling. Through the program at Residence XII, which included treatment, IOP, and continuing care, and by following the suggestions of the thousands that came before me, I was given the foundation for understanding my disease, and the tools to move forward and handle life. But it gave me so much more. It also gave me the beginning of “sober sister” relationships; what I believe to be my first totally honest friendships. Ultimately, I was planting myself in a garden of women that have become my root system. These women keep me grounded, help me grow, support me as I flourish, and water me if I wilt. They accept me for who I am and that’s good enough.

My garden is full of women just like me. We share a common bond. We want the same thing and we’re willing to go to any lengths to get it. We are of all ages, colors, education, work backgrounds, and beliefs. Just like our disease, we do not discriminate. We meet in our meetings, by listening, sharing and reaching out to one another. Additionally, we meet through sober activities, retreats, and by participating in fellowship events. This includes serving in our own Residence XII Alumni recovery community by being a temporary sponsor to inpatient and outpatient women, coming to the potlucks, serving on panels, and participating in other Residence XII Alumni yearly events. Service work is not only important in sobriety, but is selfless recharging and an opportunity to extend and strengthen sober relationships.

Joining this network of women is both inspiring and gratifying. Having a common mission is motivating. Being reliable and accountable builds trust and strong relationships. But one of the greatest gifts of sobriety is being a part of the recovery community. I am continually encouraged and inspired by the selfless acts of kindness and compassion from all of YOU! If you are still standing outside, or on the fence, I invite you to plant a toe in this garden, filled with blooming friendships, nourished by love, and deeply rooted in our commitment to one another. You need not be alone!
Stay Connected – Get Involved!

The Tipping Point

– By Roberta Romero

I sometimes wonder, when did it tip over? When did my drinking tip into alcoholism. For years I had been able to keep the balance, albeit somewhat precariously. I would drink, always getting buzzed if not outright drunk, but then I could stop, sometimes for days, even weeks. And then I tipped. Suddenly, I was drinking every day. I was in the tornado of active addiction, watching my life swirl around me, with no hope, no help and no future.

During this time I managed to maintain my family (three kids and a husband) a career (TV reporter) and my home. But just barely. I truly thought this was how I was going to live the rest of my life. Struggling to juggle all the different responsibilities, without relief, joy, or peace. I was surrounded by people, but utterly and completely alone.

And then, I found Residence XII, drug and alcohol treatment center for women in Kirkland. I know how melodramatic it sounds, but I say this from my heart, “Residence XII saved my life.” When I walked in for my free assessment, I felt safe and I was able, for the first time in my life, to tell my intake counselor how much and how often I was drinking. There was no judgement, no disgust, only kindness and support. And most importantly, a way not only to get sober but to be able to live sober.

Residence XII provided my with the “tools” I need to live my life wholeheartedly.  The counselors and my fellow sober sisters have taught me: I am enough, I can stay sober and live a joyful life. It takes work and commitment, but I’m no longer alone. I am with a community that will support me, help me and love me through both the good and the bad times. I’m no longer tipped over, I’m in balance with my sobriety, my family and friends, and most importantly, myself.

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