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Weed Hangover

What Is A Weed Hangover

In the morning, after smoking some cannabis, you can have a hangover, which is characterized by a feeling of grogginess, dizziness, and lethargy. These are known as weed hangover symptoms. This kind of hangover could negatively impact your memory, and its symptoms are really not a very good thing to face. Every individual has different reactions to cannabis, but mostly marijuana users face a hangover in the morning after having a heavy dose.

Weed hangover could happen from 8 to 24 hours after using marijuana. To tell the truth, any common smoking weed in the evening could cause a hangover in the morning. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the product that could create the hangover. Smoking cannabis could create daytime fatigue in your body, and it could also have significant effects afterwards.

Cannabis Hangover Symptoms

The most common symptoms of a cannabis hangover include:

  • Fatigue: It may give a feeling of brightness and lack of energy with the frequent sign of another cannabis hangover.
  • Brain fog: The individual may experience confusion and could not focus on a specific thing.
  • Headache: It may provide a feeling of head hurting
  • Nausea: The user may feel vomiting but usually it is a mild symptom.
  • Dry eyes and dry mouth: It could create dehydration


A significant precaution to avoid the weed hangover is to stay hydrated. To avoid it, an individual should drink a lot of water before and after the use of cannabis. The experts suggest that a person should take at least 2-3 glasses of water before using marijuana. The symptoms of weed hangover could be reduced by taking a short walk that could boost the metabolism.

By eating a strong breakfast, the user could balance the mixture of fiber and protein, and it could also help to manage the weed hangover symptoms. A hot water shower is also helpful to freshen up the body and to avoid the terrible headache, without painkillers. The massage is also helpful for you to think of a weed cure hangover.

Why do people get hangovers?

There are some interesting facts about the reason for hangovers such as:

  • Marijuana could impact every individual in different ways. For example, you may consume a little amount of cannabis, and your friend may take more – but you face a much more severe weed hangover.
  • The efficiency is based on the cannabis strain. The higher the plant is based on the THC content scale, the stronger its impact would be. It also depends on how long does marijuana stay in your system chart.
  • If the individual stops using cannabis after a while, it could also cause a weed hangover.
  • The way of consuming cannabis is also a cause of weed hangover. An edible could also create weed hangovers among the weed users.

A person could decrease the hangover by taking just a moderate amount of THC. Taking the dose that exceeds the tolerance limit could create a really hard weed hangover, that may have a negative impact on the health and some bad consequences.

Dealing with Marijuana Hangover

After analyzing the symptoms and causes of weed hangovers, it is necessary to be well-aware of dealing with this kind of hangover. One must know possible ways to easily ensure hangover headache cure. For this purpose, weed users should know the fact that the human body needs a good rest to perform better.

Without it you could face serious problems and intoxication. And if you want to detox your body quickly – check some Stinger Detox reviews. This is a top-notch detoxifying product that can really help you to get rid of toxins.

If an individual utilized any product that could impact his body it is essential to restore the energy of the body and required to get proper sleep and rest that will permit the individual to rehabilitate his senses and perform normally. It is also required that individuals should take proper nourishment and nutrients by taking a lot of water and a healthy balance of minerals and fats that will help to reverse the dehydration and build that that will restore the electrolytes such as potassium, and phosphate, sodium, and calcium.

After taking an increased dose of THC, the individual could gain the benefits of CBD and relieve the symptoms of headache, nausea, and anxiety. It will be helpful to manage the weed hangover that is easily preventable. By using this method, the individual could manage the side effects and prepare themselves to avoid the feeling of weed hangover in the future as well.

Kinds of Cannabis Products

If a person is using other dangerous products together with marijuana, such as alcohol, it can increase the chances of getting a weed hangover. Also this can affect the user’s health, so we don’t recommend mixing weed with alcohol. Otherwise, you may feel a strong hangover and weed shakes the next morning.

People who smoke weed on a regular basis could also experience the symptoms after they draw the smoking. When they are not smoking marijuana, they could face problems like changing mood, insomnia, and difficulty in focusing. Some marijuana strains may be highly risky and create a higher impact of a weed hangover.

Scientific Explanation of Cannabis Hangover

The scientific research on the reasons for weed hangovers suggests that smoking marijuana could definitely cause the symptoms of weed hangovers the next morning. Still, many people (including weed users) around us still do not know what does hangover feel like? It’s because everyones’ body reacts in a different way.

For this purpose, different researches have been conducted. But everyone shows the results that are based on the perception that smoking would create a weed hangover and also injurious for the health. It is proven that the individual may feel a hangover after a night of consuming marijuana products and may also experience an unpleasant mood that is usually not the result due to alcoholic weed hangover.

But several symptoms related to marijuana hangovers are pretty similar to alcohol hangovers including headache, dehydration, fatigue, nausea, and dizziness. An individual, continuously smoking over the night and getting high, could have an impact on the lungs and also face inefficiency in his or her physical activity.

Longer use of cannabis could result in many ways. When you are digesting a lot of drugs, they are absorbed into the bloodstream and put a negative impact on the kidneys. Using the combination of cannabis and other drugs could provide the consumer with a feeling of foggy exhaustion and a long workout that could create dehydration in the body.

How long does a weed hangover last?

The weed hangover symptoms could last from one day to 3-7 days based on the consumption of cannabis and on your physical condition. This period may be very different. But you would definitely think “how to get sober from weed fast?” Then you should know how to recover from edibles. The rule is common – the higher the dose of cannabis you consume, the longer this period will be.

Some people experience only the light symptoms, and some may have mild or moderate levels, due to the difference in the ability of the human body to bear such products. In other cases, it could become severe for the user who heavily consumed the cannabis products and it could create complicating impacts on the human body.

Cure to help Weed Hangover

Do you know how to prevent hangover or how to cure weed hangover? The most common cure is to stay hydrated and to eat well. During the weed hangover your body requires enough water so it could reduce the impact of cannabis or other marijuana products.

You will feel hunger and become thirsty – your body is wise enough to send you there signals. So it is necessary to take a lot of water that could overcome the negative impact on human health. Taking necessary nutrients and minerals is also helpful to overcome the impact of cannabis. The above-mentioned precautions are also helpful to improve health.