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Synthetic Urine

Are you worried thinking about your upcoming drug test? Then it is time to put your worries to rest with the best synthetic urine in 2022. Today, people heavily depend on synthetic pee as the fastest method possible to clear drug tests. However, taking the help of synthetic urine does come with its stress. The reality is that you may need to undergo drug testing even with marijuana getting legal. This is one of the prime reasons why individuals are using synthetic urine.

But is it even reliable? In this article, we will discuss every detail there is about fake urine kits for drug test. We will look at how you can get your hands on the best products. Last but not the least, we will understand if labs can differentiate between real and fake pee.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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Our detailed guide will help you look for quality synthetic urine. But first, you need to understand what this fake piss is, how it works, and why more and more people are buying this product to pass a drug test.

What Is This Synthetic Urine for Drug Test?

Synthetic urine or fake piss is nothing but a liquid solution or a form of powdered substance that imitates real urine in color, odor, and pH levels. Fake urine is clean so no drug is detectable when tested. You can find all of the important urine elements in synthetic urine. In addition, the gravity and pH levels are almost similar. It is difficult to tell the difference between synthetic urine and human urine.

The resemblance between human urine and synthetic urine is indistinguishable to the naked eye. This is why researchers were keen to know if synthetic piss will be able to replace human urine or “will fake pee pass a drug test?” They took some synthetic urine products for testing and almost all passed the drug test. It is easily available in powdered and liquid forms as mentioned above. However, both liquid and powder urine comes with a limited shelf life.

Ingredients for Synthetic Urine

The main components or ingredients of synthetic urine should include:

  1.   Creatinine
  2.   Urea
  3.   Chloride
  4.   Nitrates
  5.   Sodium
  6.   Potassium
  7.   Sulfates
  8.   Ammonia

These crucial elements are included in the making of the best synthetic urine. All of the ingredients are combined in the proper amount to imitate real urine. From odor to appearance and pH level, synthetic urine looks and feels like actual urine.

How To Know If My Purchased Fake Pee Test Kit Is Good?

You can always find real and fake items in the market. But, as we said, fake products will always display certain giveaways. All you need to do is look for specific clues to understand the quality. As a buyer, we need to be responsible for the purchase. Always look for signs before buying any product.

Bad Reviews From The Users

If you are buying a product online, always go through the reviews. You will find reviews for almost every product online. If you shop on Amazon, Etsy, or Walmart, you can look through reviews easily. Pay close attention to the reviews of verified customers. Stay away from products that have low ratings.

Cheap Rate

When the quality of a product is low, the prices are usually low. So, if you happen to witness cheap synthetic urine kits, do not jump, and buy them. Even if you are on a tight budget, withhold from buying cheap products. Such products can only give you undesirable results. Always look for the ratings, prices, and reviews of products. There are several affordable synthetic urines available in the market. So, choose wisely.

Lack of Marketing

A simple way to identify a cheap product is bad product packaging. Also, such products are most likely to not advertise.

The Odor and Appearance

We all are aware of the odor and appearance of real urine. So, when you have a fake product in front of you, it should be easy to identify.

How To Select the Best Fake Pee for Drug Tests?

We discussed how to identify fake or low-quality urine kits. Similarly, now we will discuss how to identify high-quality items.


The simplest way to get quality synthetic urine is to purchase from a reliable brand. Today, there are many makers of synthetic urine. However, some stand out from the rest. This is mainly due to their high quality and results. The products that people are using more are likely to be the top-rated brands. Some of the top brands we recommend are The Urinator, Quick Fix, TestClear, and Whizznator. These brands are popular among cannabis users and have great reviews online.


Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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Uric Acid

When you are buying synthetic urine, it should have uric acid. It is an important ingredient in synthetic urine. This element is a crucial factor that labs test for. If the sample you submit does not have uric acid, they will deem it fake. So, make sure you check all ingredients listed on the package.


Real urine is warm in temperature. It is never cold. Also, human urine temperature tends to be similar to the body’s temperature. So, synthetic urine also should be mildly warm. Thus, reputed brands or reliable fake piss companies provide hand warmers or heating elements with the kit. Make sure you choose a brand that comes with heating pads. This will make sure the urine is slightly warm till it is time for testing. The synthetic urine should be in the range of 36° – 38° Celsius. Else, it should be 92° to 100° Fahrenheit.


There is some synthetic urine that expires for some months. Then others last for around 2 years. It is best to buy fake or synthetic urine that has a longer shelf life. You can easily store these and use them when you need them.

What To Do Before Going for A Urine Drug Test

The main purpose behind buying fake pee is to pass drug tests. This sounds simple. However, this might seem a little complicated if this is your first time using synthetic urine. That’s why we are explaining what can you do before taking the test with fake urine to pass  drug test.

  1.   Make yourself aware of what happens at a drug testing center. You can read that information online. If your friends or family members have gone through the process, ask them what exactly happens. If they have used fake urine for these tests, enquire how their experience was.
  2.   Know if the test will be under supervision. If the test is for legal reasons or a federal job then it is likely that a supervisor will be assigned to you. If that is the case, it will get difficult for the test.
  3.   Be prepared both mentally and psychologically. We understand drug tests can be stressful. If you are using fake urine or have a stressful mind, it can have negative consequences.
  4.   The only mantra to ace the drug test is to practice. Know how everything works. Get yourself a practice kit. Practice at home so you will have an idea of how to proceed during the actual test.

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test With Synthetic Urine?

You can find many synthetic urine products easily in markets. They exist in two forms likely liquid and powdered form. But both have the same working mechanism. Fortunately, both have detailed instructions on how to use them.

The Way to Use A Powdered Urine Kit

This type of kit lets you make a desirable amount of urine. Every brand has listed the instruction set that you need to follow. Below is the general instruction. This specifies how you can prepare the urine and use it.

  •     Take the powdered pee and put it into a container.
  •     Use distilled water and pour a specific amount into the powdered urine.
  •     Combine well until the mixture is dissolved. It should look like real pee.
  •     Finally, it is time to take the heating pad and use it to warm up the fake pee.
  •     Now take a temperature strip. It comes with the product itself.  Secure it well along the container. Do not place it near the heating pad. Wait till you get the correct temperature.

Once you make the urine solution, you have around 5-6 hours. This is the time frame that you need to submit the sample. The heating pads only work for close to 6 hours. You can do all of these steps at home. This will prevent stress and inconveniences at the testing center.

The Way To Use A Liquid Synthetic Urine Kit

This technique is simpler than the powder form. This urine comes in a liquid form that makes the process smoother. There are instructions on the package that you need to follow. Below we will discuss the preparation and usage of liquid fake urine.

  •     The first step is to open the seal of the package.
  •     Then, you need to attach the heating pad to start the process of heating. Secure it to the container well. Some brands offer heat activators. These help to heat quickly and fasten the process.
  • Now all you need to do is wait till the solution reaches the right temperature. We cannot tell you how much time it will take for the sample to reach the optimum temperature since it varies from one brand to another.

How Can I Maintain the Temperature of The Fake Piss?

Body Heat

You can make use of your body temperature to maintain the temperature of the urine. This is an ideal option if you have time in hand. We suggest keeping the sample in the warmest body part. For example, you could keep it in the armpit or crotch.


When you use the microwave for heating urine, be careful. Make sure to look at the temperature constantly. The urine should not overheat nor should it be below the specified temperature.

Overheating can break the necessary chemicals down. When the urine reaches the right temperature, slightly shake the urine sample. Keep it close to your body. This is to maintain the right temperature.

Hand Warmers

The next way to heat the urine sample is by using quality hand warmers. Ensure you keep an eye on the temperature as they can get hot. Look out for the right temperature and stop it once it reaches there. Then you need to place it in contact with your body. There are chances that your drug test may be under supervision. So, you should conceal the sample well. Also, make sure it has the right temperature before testing.

How To Hide Synthetic Urine to Beat a Supervised Urine Drug Test

To know how to pass a supervised drug test with fake urine first, you have to be able to learn how to hide it. It can get different if you need to undergo a drug test under supervision. Firstly, this invades your privacy. Secondly, it is tough to cheat in such a situation.

Drug tests are common in workplaces. They are essential mainly because of two reasons. First is if your employer thinks you cheated in the prior test. The second reason is they want a drug-free work environment.

Also, drug tests under supervision cost more than other unsupervised ones. They do not usually conduct supervised tests unless they need to. For example, drug tests in rehab centers and for athletes are under supervision.

The most daunting part of a supervised urine drug test is to sneak in the fake pee and transfer it to the test cup because they are going to look. So, you must conceal the synthetic urine smartly. Following are some techniques you can use to hide your synthetic urine.

Keep It in Your Underwear

Using this technique will require leg strapping. You need to hide the sample well beneath the underwear. Do this after you attach them to the thigh or private part. Make sure of joint wrap or duct tape for the task. Practice it well at home so that you do not mess it up during the test.

Leg Strapping

Buy a quality fake urine leg strap that ensures to keep the sample secured. This also ensures that the urine sample stays warm enough. In addition, we recommend you use hand warmers too. Secure the warmers to conceal them well.


Here, you can use tape to attach the sample. It is done usually on the torso. On the other hand, make use of rubber bands to secure the hose well. You can secure them under the vulva or penis. Though it is tricky, it is doable.

How To Pour Out Synthetic Urine Sample into The Test Cup Discreetly

  •     If it is an unsupervised test, take the sample out when there is no one watching you. Check the temperature to make sure it is around our body temperature with a temperature strip. Now, pour the fake pee into the cup and submit it.
  •     If the test is under supervision, there are chances of being caught if you are not prepared. You need something like a Urination apparatus such as a fake penis. This makes it look like you are submitting your sample the usual way.

The temperature of the urine is a big issue in passing this type of drug test. The testers will flag your sample submitted for lab tests if the temperature isn’t right. And they might test the sample if they are suspicious about the authenticity of the urine sample.

The Best Fake Piss Kit  2022

Here are our top 5 picks for the best synthetic urine products. We will discuss their features, advantages, prices, and everything you should know.

Powdered Synthetic Urine from TestClear

This is a reliable and known brand in this department. It has a huge range of detox products that you should have a look at.

The brand is a popular one with many people have tried the solution. It is not only reliable but also easy to handle. The kit has given desirable results helping many achieve their dream job. Furthermore, the product has every element as in natural urine.


  •       It basically is clean human urine which is turned into powder. Just mix water to make your urine.
  •       The package comes with heaters and one temperature strip. Besides, it also has a container for mixing purposes.
  •       This powdered urine has a long shelf life, so you can store them.


  •       The item is in powder form. Thus, you will need to prepare the sample.


The kit comes for $49.95. Though it is not cheap, it is worth the price.


  •       Transfer the powder urine from the vial to the 50 ml transport tube and mix water slowly.
  •       Now close the tube and shake it well.
  •       Now is the time to take the heaters and attach them to the container.
  •       Use the temperature strip to check the temperature till it’s ready.

Powdered Human Urine

  • Legal in all states!
  • Real human urine!
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The Urinator

  • A reusable electronic device that holds and heats your urine sample to the body temperature!
  • + 3 Free Packs of Powdered Urine (real human urine)
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Clear Choice Incognito Belt

Clear Choice is a great product if you need to pass a drug test. Many people have been using the product with amazing results. You can easily conceal the product by wearing it around your waist. Moreover, it comes with a bladder bag. All you need to do is release the clip to dispense the urine.


  •       The item is suitable for all waist sizes. Thus, it is an idea for everyone despite their gender.
  •       It has all the ingredients present in real urine
  •       Comes with heating pads
  •       The heating pads can keep the fake pee warm for up to 8 hours


  •       You can use the product only for around two uses.
  •       The product has a short shelf life since it is a ready-made item.


The product not only contains a liquid solution but also a waist belt. Thus, the price is $125.


  •     You get a pre-made urine sample so no need to perform any mixing. Just attach the heating pads to the bladder bag between the belt and the urine pouch.
  •     Hide the pouch well and strap it around the waist. Make sure it the hidden with your outer clothing.
  •     There is a drain tube that points downward. This way you can easily pour the sample into the cup.
  •     Perform these above steps at least an hour before the drug test. This way you have time to let the urine sample achieve the right temperature.
  •     Finally, you can close the white-colored clips. And cut the end of the tube.
  • Now, pour out the sample in the cup that is given to you when it’s time for the test.

Clear Choice Quick Luck

This product is fairly new in the market. Though it is new, people have rated it as a good choice for clearing drug tests. The brand boasts to have the top-quality synthetic urine available in the market. It is one of the best quality synthetic urines you can get your hands on. The item is tested regularly to check for its effectiveness.

In addition, they are updated every year and made better to suit present conditions. The product comes with one heat activator that allows you to maintain the temperature of the urine sample. It has a set of two pads that maintain the sample temperature.


  •     The formula is a potent one that works magically well.
  •     Drug users claim this to be the best synthetic urine available in the market.
  •     It has heating pads that help to maintain the temperature of the urine sample.
  • It is a ready-made solution and requires no mixing.


  •     The product is more expensive than the rest.
  • You need to conceal the product well behind your clothing.

The Urinator

The next synthetic urine on our list is the Urinator. This excellent formulation is a must-try for drug users to pass their tests. People claim it to be a reliable product. It comes with a pad machine for urination. You need to strap it around your waist. The machine will slowly dispense the sample making it seem like you are urinating. So even if your test is under supervision, you are safe. This synthetic urine has all elements of human urine so it wouldn’t disappoint you.


  •     The best part about this product is that it is reusable. That means you don’t have to purchase it repeatedly and can use it several times.
  •     The product comes with every item you may require for the procedure. For instance, it includes one battery-powered heater, heating tools, and more.
  • The urine kit contains belts that you can attach to your waist. Thus, it is easy to conceal and use them.


  •     It is not fully mixed.
  • It is not cheap and can get expensive for many.


The Urinator is undoubtedly the priciest item on the list with a price of $169.95. But when you consider all the things you get with it the price seems fair enough.


  •     The first step is to put the urine formula in the bag. Remove any excess air and screw it up.
  •     Now is the time to attain the accurate temperature for the urine sample with the help of the heating items. However, you will need 9-volt Duracell batteries for it.
  • Once you reach the drug testing center, take the hose out first. Slowly take off the cap and dispense the sample into the cup.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

If you need to fake your drug test, try this out. It is the perfect thing for you. The Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a popular synthetic urine kit. It is a product that has been tried and tested by researchers for decades. This synthetic urine consists of elements like creatinine, urea, and uric acid among others.

Furthermore, the kit includes other necessary items like temperature strips for example. Besides, it also has a heating pad to heat the urine sample. You can research this product online and see reviews of satisfied users.


  •     This synthetic urine has all ingredients that human urine does. So, it is tough to tell the difference between real and fake pee.
  •     It has a popular fan base and high success stories from people.
  • With this product, you do not have to mix, combine and prepare. Instead, it is a premade solution that is ready to use.


  • This product has biocide chemicals. It is dangerous for the body while contact and can affect reproduction and fertility.


This synthetic urine is on the affordable end. It costs $39.95 and offers good performance.


  •     Heat the solution for around 10 seconds in a microwave. At the same time, you can use heat pads for warming the sample.
  •     Once the sample is heated, you can put the cap back on. Shake the container well.
  •     Ensure to tape the heating pad to the container. This will ensure the temperature of the sample remains warm. The sample urine should be between 90-100°F. Alternatively, you can use hand warmers to maintain the temperature.
  • All you need to do now is pour the urine sample gently into the given cup.

What Stores Sell Synthetic Urine Near Me

We often see that people look for “stores that sell synthetic urine near me” on the web. You can find these products on Amazon, Etsy, Walgreen, and other online retailers. Buying from online stores can prove to be a bad deal since they cannot guarantee the authenticity of the product. Moreover, the price is also high in these stories.

But to steer clear of cheap knock-offs you should make your purchase directly from the manufacturers. Visit the official websites of these products instead of searching “where to buy fake pee near me”. There you will find authentic products and sometimes they offer amazing deals too. This way you can save a lot of money.

Synthetic Urine Is Prohibited in Which States?

Slowly, many states are joining hands and banning the use of fake urine. Officials believe people are misusing urine to produce wrong results. To date, there are a total of 18 states that have banned synthetic urine. Some of the states that have banned them include Oklahoma, Indiana, New Hampshire, Louisiana, and Arkansas. In addition, some labs are now testing urine samples to check if they are synthetic or real pee.

What Is Allowed and What Is Not?

The use of synthetic urine differs from state to state. A total of 18 states have banned the manufacturing and production use of synthetic urine. But to date, out of 18 states, just South Carolina took it seriously and prosecuted only one synthetic urine manufacturer company. Other states like Kentucky and Illinois have made strict laws to punish people who sell synthetic urine.

However, these synthetic urine-making companies still operate. They claim their products are not designed to cheat during drug tests. Some sell these in the guise of sexual fetish products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use urine from my friend who does not consume weed?

It is risky to borrow urine from your family or friend. It is a risky measure and you might end up tampering with the elements in pee like pH levels, specific gravity, and more. Moreover, if the test is urgent, it can be difficult to arrange.

Is it true that synthetic urine works?

Using synthetic urine is a popular method to get cleared during a urinalysis. Make sure to buy synthetic urine from a known company. This will ensure you clear drug tests. However, make sure you follow the steps on the label correctly. This will ensure you get the correct results.

What is the ideal temperature for a urine sample?

Remember that the wrong temperature of the sample can give away your little secret. So, check if the sample is between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit. As this is the ideal human body temperature.

How long does fake urine remain warm?

Most synthetic urine brands provide heating elements or hand warmers with their kits. This heating pad can retain the sample at its right temperature for around six-seven hours. But anything over that time will make the urine cool down. Also, it might not have the essential elements as in real urine. So, you need to be careful with heating the urine sample.

Is there a reliable way to keep the urine warm?

The best way to maintain the temperature of the synthetic urine is to use hand warmers. This ensures that the sample stays at the optimum level. But if you do not own a hand warmer, do not worry. You can make use of your body heat to keep the urine warm. Your body heat will do an excellent job to maintain the temperature of the sample. Also, keep the sample at the warmest places of your body like the armpits or thighs.

Will using hand warmers overheat the sample urine?

No. The main purpose of hand warmers is to ensure that the sample remains at a constant temperature. It is carefully constructed to maintain an accurate temperature. So, there is no need to worry about hand warmers overheating the sample.

Is there a specific amount of synthetic urine required for drug tests?

You usually need around forty-five milliliters of fake urine. When using synthetic urine, you get this amount in the packet itself. If you choose to practice at home, then we suggest you buy extra.

Can I make synthetic urine at home?

Yes. You can make synthetic urine at home. For this, you will need some ingredients that you should collect. They include sodium chloride, creatinine, distilled water, urea, creatinine, albumin powder, and sodium phosphate. Now comes the tough part. Mix these ingredients well to get accurate measurements. Once the urine is ready, go ahead and place the sample in the fridge.

We suggest you buy a quality synthetic urine kit from a reputable company. Because trust me, making this at home would be a lot of work and you don’t even know whether your little experiment would be a success or not.

Will synthetic urine go bad? Can you store it at room temperature?

When using fake products, be aware that they usually have a short shelf life. Some have a lifespan of one or two years. Others expire faster.

If you need to store the urine at room temperature, ask the manufacturer if that’s possible. Every product is different and comes with different requirements. If the synthetic urine is in powder form, it usually can be stored at room temperature.

Can you freeze fake urine for drug testing?

You can freeze urine but it can change its effectiveness. If you need to store it in a freezer, ensure that you have a clean container. It needs to have a tight lid. For further protection, you can also store the container in a plastic bag. However, we suggest not freezing it.

Can you buy fake urine locally?

For this information, you need to visit stores. Ask them if they have fake urine. You can find synthetic urine in some petrol stations as well. Check shops and stores if they sell fake pee. If they do not have them, you can always order them online. Ensure to buy only from reliable sellers. Also, check your state laws about fake pee.

Does Walmart or Walgreens have fake urine?

You can find synthetic urine in major stores like Walmart. However, they are not effective enough to pass drug tests. Most major stores sell fake urine mainly for hunting reasons. So, these would only get you in trouble.

Can I buy unisex synthetic kits or are there female fake urine kits?

Yes. You can find many synthetic urine kits designed for females. Some examples include Quick Fix, The Urinator, and many more. These are the ideal ones for females. However, all synthetic pee kits sold in the market are unisex.

Is it true that urine belts for drug testing work?

Yes. It does work. However, you will have to practice it at home. This will make you an expert during drug testing.

Do powdered forms of fake urine work?

The best way to clear drug tests is to use powdered urine. They have a longer shelf life. In addition, they are simple to use. Read all the instructions on the package carefully before preparing the sample urine. The elements have to be combined properly. If you do any small mistake, it can cost you and your job. At the same time, ensure that the urine sample has the correct temperature. If there is a slight difference in the temperature, there are chances of you getting caught.

Can we use fake urine for LabCorp urine testing?

There are many reviews online stating they have passed LabCorp Drug Testing with fake synthetic urine. However, if you happen to fail these tests, then the authorities may contact you.

Can labs detect synthetic urine in 2022

Yes, they can. Drug screen technology has become advanced over the years. So, if the labs want to check whether the sample is fake or not, they can but usually, they don’t test for synthetic urine unless you give them a reason to suspect your sample.

Bottom Line

Avoiding drugs, cannabis, or pot is the best advice we can give you so you never have to be in this situation. But those who are already in trouble will consider fake pee to be a lifesaver.   Synthetic urine has gone through many tests to establish that it can help you pass a urine drug test. But you need to be careful to make your purchase only from the manufacturers. Only then can you expect to get the result you desire. A modern urinalysis might be able to identify fake pee so make sure you only buy the best kind.