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The Urinator


After partying on the weekend many might end up reading several the Urinator reviews. Trust me, we get you. Working all week, no matter what life challenges you might have. The everyday stress and pressure become too much to handle if you don’t let the steam out. For that, some choose to smoke weed. Cannabis can relax your nerves and some use it for their chronic pain.

So, when you are back in your office you get the shock of your life. According to the email sent from HR, you have to undergo a urine drug test. These days companies require you to take drug tests before they hire you for any job. They often run drug tests on their existing employees.

Although your private life is none of their business, your work performance is. Substances can lower your work productivity. Employers will never tolerate it which leads to drug screens.

So, does it mean that you should stop using marijuana? Well, if you want to stop then that’s up to you. But now the market has many products that can help pass a drug test without quitting pot. You can choose a weed detox product to pass urine drug test. They promise to remove drug residues from the body naturally. However, these products can flush out toxins by only 80%. In that case, 20% of drug metabolites remain in your body.

The detoxifying products might help many people pass saliva test, urine, and follicle drug tests but some report failure too. Those who don’t want to take risks often go for the Urinator to pass drug test.

In this article, we would discuss the key factors that made this drug test kit so popular. Here you would find some commonly asked questions that might be in your mind too. And hopefully, at the end of the article, you would find the answer to your urine drug test problem.

What Is the Working Mechanism of The Urinator?


The Urinator for THC detox is a kit and its working mechanism is pretty simple. Just take the IV bag that comes with the kit and fill it with fake piss. But before you do that remember to get rid of all the air inside the pouch. The kit has a syringe in it so you can fill the bag with synthetic pee. After that just attach the bag with the temperature control device which again you get in the kit.

The temperature strips are there in the package for keeping the synthetic urine warm for 4 hours. The Urinator has a computer chip in that ensures the temperature doesn’t drop. The device operates with two 9-volt Duracell batteries.

How To Use the Urinator?


After reading The Urinator’s working mechanism it is easy to understand how you can use it. Despite that, we are listing the steps below for better understanding:

  •       Take out all the items that come with the kit
  •       Fill the pouch with synthetic urine using the syringe
  •       Now put two batteries in the heating element
  •       Wait till the fake urine reaches the right temperature
  •       Use the temperature strips and see if the temperature is around 98.6 to 100

You can provide the sample when the fake piss reaches the right temp. Temperature is a crucial factor in urine drug tests. Human piss is never cold. It has the same temperature as our body.

The Urinator Instructions


Now you know how to use the Urinator. But people often do mistakes that lead to positive drug test results. To avoid that follow the instructions below:

  1.   Ensure the bag doesn’t have air in it
  2.   Fill the pouch with warm synthetic urine or human urine
  3.   Make sure the bag has around 75 to 85 ml of fake pee or human piss
  4.   Check if the temperature of the synthetic urine is 98.6 or more before filling it in the IV bag.
  5.   Use the syringe to avoid any contamination.
  6.   Use only Duracell batteries.

Does The Urinator Really Work?


The urinator kit has all the things you need for passing urinalysis. The Synthetic urine in the package has all the elements present in natural piss. Lab tests can’t detect if the sample is fake or not. You can use it for both supervised and unsupervised tests.

Of course, you have other options like using pee from a family member. But are you sure that the person is clean? Since no other option is cleaner than fake piss majority of people end up choosing it.

The heating element in the kit makes sure the temp stays between 92°F and 100°F. This might not be possible with other options. So, yes, the urinator works. And you too can beat the test with it. If you hesitate, read more.

The Urinator: Pros and Cons



  •       You can keep an unused urinator for a year
  •       Easy to hide
  •       Easy to use
  •       Maintains the right heat
  •       You can reuse the kit
  •       The fake piss comes in a liquid form but the content isn’t fully mixed reducing the chances of spoilage


  •       The kit is sold in just a few states
  •       The price is a bit much
  •       The consistency and the temperature of the synthetic urine have to be accurate to pass the test.

The Urinator Manufacturer


Brand Name The Urinator
Official Website
Address 448 Cummings Street Suite 202 Abingdon, VA 24210
Phone +1-800-395-1694

[email protected]

What More Can You Purchase with The Urinator?


You can purchase a urinator wrap along with an extra syringe. The kit has only one syringe. So, you can buy another one in case you lose the first one. You can also buy temperature strips though the kit has enough of them.

Where to Buy the Urinator?


Never buy urinator from local stores or fishy websites. Though it is unlikely you would find it in these places but still better safe than sorry. Buying from local stores or unofficial sites doesn’t guarantee the authenticity of the product. You might get scammed. Even if the product is real you might have to buy it at a higher price.

Make your purchase from the official website to get an authentic, effective product with awesome offers. Visit TestClear or the mentioned urinator website for a better deal. TestClear has all the remedies for your drug test-related problems. You might find something better there.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will the lab assistants know that I am hiding something?

The pouch is really small which you can hide in your underwear. So, it shouldn’t be detected just by looking at you. Wearing loose-fitting clothes can help in this aspect.

How long does it last?

If unopened the product is good to use for a year. It contains everything you need. The heating element can maintain the temperature for four hours.

Can I use it for alcohol?

Yes, you definitely can.

Can I use it for opiates?

Yes, you can pass a drug test for opiates with it.

Does the urinator come with a refund policy?

Yes, they do have a refund policy. If the product doesn’t work which is unlikely you can ask for a refund. This way the money you spend on the product remains safe.

Where to find the Urinator near me?

Unfortunately, you wouldn’t find it in your nearby store. It is available online. Go to the official site to buy the urinator.

I live in Texas how can I make a purchase?

Sorry, it is illegal in your state to deliver detoxing products like the urinator. Thus, you cannot place an order for the product.

The Urinator Reviews


The user says the urinator is the best option available to beat a supervised urine drug test.


The user tried the urinator to pass a pre-employment drug test. He didn’t expect much from it but passed the test.


Worked for this customer too. Too bad the friend disappeared with the urinator kit.


The user just wanted to let everyone know that the urinator works.


Final Verdict


Marijuana usage is legal in many states. Researchers found cannabis helpful for medical purposes which is why many states are getting liberal about its use. With that being said, many states oppose its usage too.

Employers don’t want employees with a drug history. Thus, it doesn’t matter if your state approves weed you still might undergo a drug test. A urine test is the most common pre- and post-employment drug test. To beat this type of test, use the urinator.

It cost approximately 180$ which might seem much but you can use it multiple times. Just follow the directions carefully to pass with flying colors. The kit is nothing complex so anyone can use it.

You would find many positive reviews about the urinator and surprisingly no negative reviews. If you are still not convinced then try Whizzinator or Monkey Dong. Both the products serve the same purpose. According to some these two are a much better option than the urinator.