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Drug / Alcohol Assessments

Often the assessment process starts with a phone call from a health care professional, a family member, friend, employer or the woman herself. Initial questions about length of stay, cost, etc. can usually be answered at this time, however to make a proper evaluation, a complete assessment is required.

Most assessments take two hours and include the following topics:

  • Medical Concerns and Issues – Any current diagnosis, treatment or medications?
  • Employment History – Information about past employment, current employment and future goals.
  • Drug/Alcohol History – What is the drug of choice? What is the history of substance abuse and the frequency of drug or alcohol use?
  • Legal Issues or Concerns – Is substance abuse treatment being sought for legal reasons (DUI, employment issues,etc.)?
  • Family History – Information about family history of alcohol, drug and mental health issues.
  • Current Family Environment – How supportive is the family about treatment and recovery?
  • Photo of WomanSupport Systems In Place – What support system is in place after treatment?
  • Mental Health History – Information on past and current mental health issues and treatment.
  • Defining The Appropriate Program – Which Residence XII program will be the most effective?
  • Financial Options – We are covered by most insurance policies. However, we do not accept Medicare, Medicaid or ADATSA. Scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis.
  • Choosing a Start Date – Treatment at Residence XII is voluntary. Therefore, every woman who participates in our programs must be open and ready to come to us for help with her recovery.

Take a Tour of Residence XII

Following an assessment, each woman and her family receive a packet of information on what to expect at Residence XII, along with information about what she should bring if she is going into our Residential Program. They will also be taken on a tour of our facility. Seeing the warm environment and the sense of community we have created at Residence XII often helps to eliminate many worries that women seeking help for addiction have about attending a residential program.

Residence XII’s Assessment and Referral Counselors are available 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (PST) Monday – Friday and Saturdays 9a.m.-5 p.m.. Call: (425) 823-8844 or (800) 776-5944