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Drug & alcohol assessments

Often the assessment process starts with a phone call from a health care professional, a family member, friend, employer or the woman herself. Initial questions about length of stay, cost, etc. can usually be answered at this time, however to make a proper evaluation, a complete assessment is required.

Most assessments take two hours and include the following topics:

Medical Concerns and Issues – Any current diagnosis, treatment or medications?
Employment History – Information about past employment, current employment and future goals.
Drug/Alcohol History – What is the drug of choice? What is the history of substance abuse and the frequency of drug or alcohol use?
Legal Issues or Concerns – Is substance abuse treatment being sought for legal reasons (DUI, employment issues,etc.)?
Family History – Information about family history of alcohol, drug and mental health issues.
Current Family Environment – How supportive is the family about treatment and recovery?
Support Systems In Place – What support system is in place after treatment?
Mental Health History – Information on past and current mental health issues and treatment.
Defining The Appropriate Program – Which Residence XII program will be the most effective?
Financial Options – We are covered by most insurance policies.
Choosing a Start Date – Treatment at Residence XII is voluntary. Therefore, every woman who participates in our programs must be open and ready to come to us for help with her recovery.