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Families in Recovery

Information for Family & Friends:

Families in Recovery

Early recovery from addiction can be as stressful for family members as for a woman in recovery. Addiction profoundly affects the whole family. As the family and the recovering woman rebound from the addiction and search for what is normal, many feelings can be expected. Family members have shared with us their mixed feelings during this time: optimism, worry, resentfulness, anger, relief and fear.

photo of familyEarly recovery (12-18 months) can be a very difficult time as the family learns and practices new tools in communication, boundaries, self-care, forgiveness and regaining trust. This takes time. Giving each other the time and space to learn, practice, make mistakes, and regain trust is very important.

Remember that you, as a family member, can only control yourself. This is where your energy needs to be focused…on you! Take it slowly, don’t make your goals too high, you are also in early recovery and will need some time to adjust. Maybe your goals could be to practice self-care, seek counseling, attend Al-Anon weekly, attend the family education classes or family support group at Residence XII, or read a book about families in recovery.

How to Help Someone who Doesn’t Want Help:

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Intervention can save the life of an alcoholic or drug addict. There is no more loving action a family member or friend can provide to someone who is sick with the disease of addition. Learn more at our Intervention Classes taught by Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors who are experienced interventionists with many years of experience working with families, friends, clergy, employers and other who want help dealing with addiction issues. (more information)