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The Women We Serve


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Research has shown that addiction is a disease which can be treated. We also know that many women begin their path to addiction by self medicating themselves due to other life issues which are very different from their male counterparts. They exhibit more depression and more suicidal tendencies. They have greater rates of anxiety, panic attacks, and eating disorders. Many have a high rate of exposure to trauma and/or domestic violence.

Women We ServeResidence XII believes that gender-specific programs, like the ones we offer, can provide a woman with a safe environment where she can address her chemical dependency without the shame and stigma commonly felt in a co-ed environment. Feeling safe means that she can be more open about her past, her relationships, and her feelings without worrying about male judgment. It also means she can focus on her own needs and on rebuilding her life, rather than taking on the role of caretaker or romance object.

Because chemical dependency is a disease that does not discriminate by race, culture, age, or sexual orientation, the women at Residence XII are diverse. They range in age from 18 to 70 and up. Their primary drugs are alcohol, opiates, cocaine, and stimulants including methamphetamines but many suffer from multiple drug use. What all these women have in common is the desire to live a positive and meaningful life in recovery.