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Are You Chemically Dependent?

Information for Women in Need:

Are You Chemically Dependent?

Answer the following questions as honestly as you can.

  • Do you lose time from work due to alcohol/drug use?
  • Is alcohol/drug use making your home life unhappy?
  • Do you drink/use drugs because you are shy?
  • Is drinking/drug use affecting your reputation?
  • Have you ever felt remorse after drinking or using drugs?
  • Have you gotten into financial difficulties as a result of using alcohol or other drugs?
  • Does your drinking/using make you careless of your family’s welfare?
  • Has your ambition/efficiency decreased since using alcohol/drugs?
  • photo of womanDo you crave a drink/drug at a definite time daily?
  • Do you want a drink/drug in the morning?
  • Does drinking/using drugs cause you to have difficulty in sleeping?
  • Is drinking/using jeopardizing your job or business?
  • Do you drink/use drugs to escape from worries?
  • Do you use alcohol and/or drugs when you are alone?
  • Have you ever had a loss of memory as a result of drinking or using drugs?
  • Has your doctor or other professional ever treated you for the results of using alcohol or other drugs?
  • Have you ever had a legal problem due to alcohol or drug use?

How to Interpret Your Answers

1 “Yes” Answer…..This is a warning you may have a problem with alcohol or other drugs.

2 “Yes” Answers…Chances are you are chemically dependent.

3 or more………You are definitely chemically dependent. We recommend you seek help as soon as possible.