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The Connection Between Alcohol Addiction And Retirement

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Recently a study about middle-aged women’s drinking prompted a look into alcoholism later in life and the causes behind it. New data shows that retired women are also at a higher risk for alcoholism, for slightly different reasons.

News outlet Daily Mail recently looked at study results that showed more retired women are undergoing alcohol addiction treatment. Data from New Public Health England points to a 65% increase in alcohol addiction rehabilitation for women over sixty, Daily Mail found.

Lifestyle Changes

While middle-aged women are often juggling stressful changes around their home and family lives, retired women can experience a sharp decrease in professional responsibilities that opens up the opportunity for increased drinking. Daily Mail referenced the observations of psychiatrist Dr. Paul McLaren, who noted the absence of job responsibilities could help trigger alcoholism.

A shared factor between retired and middle-aged women’s drinking habits is the likelihood to drink consistently, rather than heavily yet infrequently. While occasional heavy partying can lead to alcohol dependency, frequent drinking can also become dangerously habit-forming. Whereas drinking for younger women is more recreational, drinking for older women can become a coping mechanism or a significant part of their everyday life.

Alcoholism Treatment in Retirement

Dr. McLaren concluded an important reason why alcoholism in retirement should not be overlooked: “Because older women don’t necessarily fit the stereotypes people hold about alcohol misuse, and because they often keep their drinking hidden, there just aren’t enough services out there to offer them the help they need.” It was this very issue that researcher Hanna Watling hoped to address with her study of alcohol use in middle-aged women.

Daily Mail also cautions that women aged 60-64 are at high risk for breast cancer, which escalates with drinking. also confirms the link between alcohol use and breast cancer in their research, advising that just three alcoholic drinks per week amplifies the risk of breast cancer by 15%.

Senior women should be aware of the threat of alcoholism despite having what appears to be a more stable lifestyle. To prevent, treat, or manage alcoholism, retired women should monitor their drinking habits for signs of dependence and seek help immediately, before their health is compromised.

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