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Residence XII: Information for Family Members

Information for Family & Friends:

Recommended Reading for Family Members

  • The Progression of Addiction Within the Family
    The progression and recovery symptoms listed are based on the most repeated experiences of family members in the disease of Alcoholism/Addiction.
  • Addiction Hurts Everyone—How Badly is it Hurting You?
    Do you think someone in your family has a problem with alcohol and/or other drugs? Answer these questions honestly to find out.
  • Ten Things to Remember if Your Loved One is an Alcoholic or Drug Addict
    Think of recovery from this disease as an exciting chance for a new way of living for you and your loved one.
  • Residence XII Family Program
    We help family members learn what they can personally do to not only help in their loved one’s recovery, but their own as well.
  • Alcoholism and Addiction—With Help, Families Do Recover
    photo of familyAsk any child, partner, or parent with an alcoholic in the family and they will tell you that when someone they love drinks compulsively the effects are painful. Can families survive the devastating effects of alcoholism and go on to lead healthy, happy lives? The answer is yes.
  • Recovery is a Family Process, too
    In many situations, it is not unusual for family members to feel or appear more dysfunctional than the addict/alcoholic themselves. Therefore, family and friends need to focus on managing their own recovery in the same manner the alcoholic/addict does.
  • It’s Not Your Fault (pdf)
    Pamphlet for teens published by the National Association for Children of Alcoholics. Did you know that one in four youth under age 18 live in a family where a person abuses alcohol or suffers from alcoholism?