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Our Facility

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Bordered by protected wetlands, and surrounded by nature, our facility was built with the needs of women in treatment in mind.

For the women in our Residential Treatment Program, residential living takes place on the top floor of our building. With beautiful views, and a sense of privacy, our living environment encourages community, support and growth while in treatment. Our FacilityWhether in our inviting living room, or our sunny activity room, women can spend time socializing, studying, reading or just relaxing. Each bedroom is uniquely decorated with soft colors and comfortable furnishings to provide warmth and a sense of safety. A bedroom includes two twin beds, two desks and plenty of room for companionship as well as solitude and reflection.

Classrooms and counselors’ offices are located on the lower level of Residence XII. Each room is uniquely designed by the counselor to create a peaceful and safe environment for women in Residential Treatment, Outpatient, Relapse Prevention and Continuing Care. Small group and individual therapy take place in the counselor’s office and larger group and educational classes are held in our classroom. Movement Therapy is held in the Oak Room and the natural wetlands in our backyard provide the perfect setting for basketball, ping pong or other free-time activities.

Because Residence XII knows that nutrition plays a critical role in recovery, all meals enjoyed by women in our Residential Treatment program are prepared with an emphasis on freshness and are free from sugar and caffeine.