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Residential Treatment

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Residential Treatment

Photo of BedroomSome women are unable to achieve abstinence from alcohol and chemical use on an outpatient basis. Residence XII provides a safe, structured environment where women can begin their journey to recovery in a variable-length-of-stay residential program. Find out more about our facility.

Our Residential Treatment program focuses on the disease of addiction, guilt and shame, self-esteem, assertiveness, life skills for sobriety, nutrition and relationship issues.


Our Residential Treatment Program includes:

  • Highly structured format with a variable length of stay of approximately four to five weeks based on medical necessity and progress in treatment
  • A 12-step abstinence-based program
  • Individual problem identification with dual disorder diagnosis
  • Daily group therapy with an average of eight women
  • Films, lectures and activities
  • Comprehensive Family Program
  • Comprehensive exit planning including: Outpatient, Relapse Prevention, and Continuing Care programs

Note: Our Residential Treatment Program meets the requirements for DUI deferred prosecution, Employee Assistance Programs, Child Protective Services issues, and Domestic Violence violations.