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Our Programs & Services:

Our Programs & Services:

Relapse Prevention

Residence XII’s Relapse Prevention Program is designed to help women and their families avoid alcohol or drug addiction relapse.

Led by a Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist, this program is designed specifically for women who have had prior treatment or abstinence but have been unable, or are struggling, to maintain their recovery.

Located near Seattle in Kirkland, WA, Residence XII’s relapse prevention program provides the tools, information and support needed for women and their families to develop the skills and resources to achieve long term recovery.

Our Relapse Prevention Program includes:

  • Highly structured small treatment group
  • photo of womanFocuses on daily sober living skills and safe living environments
  • Recognition of relapse syndrome and relapse triggers
  • Individualized recovery plans
  • Family involvement
  • Participation in ancillary support groups
  • Treatment plans for related health issues

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