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Family What is the Family Program? We know that the effects of alcoholism and drug addiction are not limited to the individual, and that the impact is far-reaching and often devastating. It’s often family and friends who have watched the disease progress and who do research to find help and treatment. For the past 25 …

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Inpatient Program

Inpatient Program Residential Inpatient Program As a women-only treatment center, we provide a safe, structured environment to begin the journey toward recovery. We offer a variable length-of-stay inpatient treatment program. Our residential program offers the safety to establish the social, emotional, spiritual and physical stabilization needed to begin recovery. We provide a safe place where …

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Outpatient Programs

Outpatient Programs Women tend to hide their alcohol and drug abuse and suffer more shame for it. At Residence XII we have designed our programs around the special needs of women in treatment and recovery. Residence XII offers a selection of Outpatient programs which are designed as either a step-down from an Inpatient program providing …

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