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Here at RESIDENCE XII, we offer different treatment options for women to make sure they are on the right path to sobriety. Outside of the RESIDENTIAL INPATIENT TREATMENT PROGRAM, our INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAM is particularly for women who are capable of maintaining sobriety outside the course of a residential program. Women in this 12-step program meet in small groups for a safe and trusting environment to understand the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors in drug and alcohol addiction. For those looking for a long-term intensive alcohol and/or chemical dependency program, explore this blog for the top three benefits of participating in our intensive outpatient program.


One significant issue that patients encounter when searching for addiction programs is the conflict of taking extended time off to participate in treatment. Everyday obligations are then affected as treatment can require a lengthy leave from work, parental duties, and so forth. Outpatient treatment is an excellent choice for women who need to maintain a normal routine and have prior obligations. Our treatment programs at Residence XII offer morning and evening groups with three hour sessions twice a week. Additionally, we offer one hour individual sessions every other week, but the length of treatment varies (typically 24 weeks) based on individual needs and requirements.


Having support from family and friends helps one stay focused throughout their difficult journey. Inpatient programs may limit or remove loved ones from an addict’s life for the time being as part of the treatment, especially when rocky relationships can contribute to an addict’s substance abuse. On the other hand, loved ones are the source of motivation in many new patients that decide to enter rehab as a means to mend and rebuild broken relationships due to substance abuse. Plus, this program offers a FAMILY PROGRAM that helps families and loved ones understand addiction so that healing can begin. That is why living with supporting and reassuring family members during outpatient treatment can be the very thing that keeps one on the right path.

  1. COST

Treatment can be rather costly, especially in inpatient programs. However, outpatient programs are more cost-efficient due to eliminating needs such as shelter, food, and extra provided care that inpatient programs include. Furthermore, insurance companies can be more open and willing to cover costs of outpatient treatment programs as well. Contact Residence XII for questions about cost of treatment. For more information about our INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAM, CONTINUING CARE, AND EXTENDED CARE, check out our website at HTTP://WWW.RESIDENCEXII.ORG/PROGRAMS-AND-SERVICES/OUTPATIENT/.

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RESIDENCE XII offers ALCOHOL TREATMENT and DRUG REHAB FOR WOMEN that empower women while leading them on their journey to recovery. At Residence XII, we welcome all women (18+) and aim to provide the highest quality INPATIENT and OUTPATIENT treatment for addiction available. Residence XII also offers a FAMILY PROGRAM aimed at helping family members and loved ones understand how to best help the patient in recovery. CONTACT US for a free DRUG AND ALCOHOL ASSESSMENT or to learn more about how we treat women with drug or alcohol dependency. Residence XII is state licensed by CARF (commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and a member of the NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers).

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