Recommended Reading for Family Members

Information for Family & Friends:

Recommended Reading for Family Members

Books for Adults


  • Alanon Faces Alcoholism
  • Under the Influence

    by James Milam

    (from the book’s back cover) “Ten million Americans suffer from alcoholism, yet most people still wrongly believe that alcoholism is a psychological or moral problem, and that it can be cured by psychotherapy or sheer will power. Based on groundbreaking scientific research, Under the Influence examines the physical factors that sets alcoholics and non-alcoholics apart, and suggests a bold stigma-free way of understanding and treating the alcoholic.”

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  • Drinking – A Love Story

    by Caroline Knapp

    (from the book’s back cover) “It was love at first sight. The beads of moisture on a chilled bottle. The way the glasses clinked and the conversation flowed. Then it became obsession. The way she hid her bottles behind her lover’s refrigerator. The way she slipped from the dinner table to the bathroom, from work to the bar. And then, like so many love stories, it all fell apart. Drinking is Caroline Knapp’s harrowing chronicle of her twenty-year love affair with alcohol.”

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Books for Children

  • Emmy’s Question

    by Jeannine Auth

    (from the book’s back cover) “This book is incredibly powerful in its depiction of an alcohol-addicted mother and the effect it has upon the family unit.” Joan Simon, Psy.D.

  • Alcohol (non-fiction)

    by Elaine Landau

    (from the book’s back cover) “Alcohol can be found in many different types of beverages, such as beer, wine, and liquor. While it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drink, many young people are exposed to alcohol in social settings and at home. Learn more about the physical effects, social costs, and health risks related to alcohol.”

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