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New Year, new you? Every year, 40 PERCENT OF AMERICANS MAKE RESOLUTIONS in hopes for a fresh start to the New Year. As the most difficult part of the end of the year has ended for those struggling with addiction, 2017 can be the time to focus on sobriety and becoming a better you. Explore our blog for the most useful tips on how to sustain realistic sober-focused resolutions and maintaining them throughout the year.

Relationships, Support, and Care

Having family and friends by your side is an integral part for a successful path to sobriety. By providing love and understanding, meaningful relationships will motivate one to stay positive and feel the reassuring support to not become discouraged and distracted. When sober, relationships are easier to develop or mend, especially when you are able to PROVIDE THE TIME AND ATTENTION your loved ones deserve as well.

Face your Demons

Remember those 2016 demons? Face them. Depression, trauma, mental pain, or anything that has hindered your life should be worked through—without using substances. Let this New Year be the start of new SELF-DISCOVERY AND INNER STRENGTH. Express your feelings and struggles with loved ones or trusted ally so you are not holding it all inside.


TELL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS YOUR RESOLUTION. This will hold one to be accountable by voicing their goals for a better life. Keep yourself accountable by telling the world your resolution(s). FAMILY AND CLOSE FRIENDS ARE ALWAYS GREAT AUDIENCES TO TELL YOUR RESOLUTION(S) TO, as they typically want you to succeed just as much as you do. Additionally, try writing your resolutions down and placing them somewhere that you often look, so you can often be reminded to stay on track.

Be Realistic, Be Practical with Resolutions

Create a resolution or goals where you can achieve sobriety the best and most reliable way for you. While 70 PERCENT MAY FALL SHORT in remaining consistent and actually keeping their resolutions, this typically occurs when motivation is lost and expectations become impractical. Remember, you are alive! There is every reason to be positive and grow from the past. The best way for success comes from avoiding anything that could steer you away from sobriety (such as parties and bars).

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