Spotting Alcoholism

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About Residence XII, Alcoholism and the Power of Recovery

Alcohol dependency should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, there is no universal check list for spotting alcoholism because it can develop for many reasons including a genetic predisposition or even a stressful living environment. However, according to an article by Codependancy Freedom, there are signs of alcoholism that can help you recognize that it’s time to get help for yourself or a loved one.

Three Key Warning Signs of Alcoholism:

  • Heavy emotional drinking coupled with expressed concern from friends and family members – desiring a drink is far different from feeling a need for a drink due to sadness or anger. Take notice if someone is constantly turning to alcohol to cope with emotional distress.
  • Lying about drinking behavior –  If someone is frequently lying about their drinking behavior, ask “why?” It could mean that person feels guilt or has something to hide.
  • Drinking in excess to deal with stress – Much like emotional drinking, drinking to cope with stress is not healthy. If you find someone excessively drinking to “escape” or to deal with stress you may wish to contact a professional.

However, “the good news is that alcoholism is treatable and, once the signs of alcohol abuse are noticed, a remedy can often begin immediately. Whether it be via an inpatient or outpatient care facility or simply the willingness to stop drinking with the support of family and friends, alcohol abuse can be a thing of the past”.

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Residence XII offer alcohol treatment that helps to empower women while leading them on their journey toward recovery. At Residence XII we welcome all women (+18) and aim to provide the highest quality inpatient alcohol treatment available. We provide free assessments and references for women seeking more information about alcohol dependency. At Residence XII we also offer outpatient alcohol treatment programs and family treatment programs. Residence XII is both State Licensed by CARF (commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and a member of the NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers).

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