How to Remain Sober During The Holidays

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With the end of the year approaching, we are entering the time of year when family get-togethers and excessive eating and drinking can create difficult situations for those in recovery. It is hard for many people who are trying to live a sober lifestyle to place themselves in a situation that, in the past, might have led them to drinking in excess.  But there are ways, however, to help you deal with triggers during the holiday season. Check out our blog for tips on how you can remain sober during the holiday season and still have a wonderful time!

Get In The Right Mindset

If you plan to remain sober during the holidays, the first step is to set your mind to sobriety. Drinking does not begin with drinking. Actions begin with a thought, so it is smart to plant a seed in your mind and then carry out the action. It is absolutely crucial to go into the holidays with a strong mindset and decision that no matter what, drinking will not be an option. If you are on the fence as you go into the holidays about whether or not you are going to drink, you are setting yourself up for a major battle of will, unnecessary guilt and the risk of a relapse.  Once you make up your mind to remain sober, get excited about it! Focus on all the benefits that you will get to enjoy such as looking and feeling healthier, and waking up the next day not feeling bloated and hung-over.

Connect With Your Support System

A good way to prepare for a sober holiday is to have a support group or a group of sober friends that you can turn to at a time of need. Having a person or two available that you can call if things get difficult, can help you stay motivated and on track when you are triggered to drink. You could even ask a sober friend to come with you to a holiday dinner or party if that is an option, so that there is someone else who is in the same mindset as you are and can help keep you company.

Understand Your Triggers

Gathering during the holidays with family and friends can be a relaxing time of celebration and fellowship. However for individuals dedicated to a path of long-term recovery, holiday gatherings may pose special risks in the form of triggers back towards unhealthy behaviors of the past. It is important to understand these unique challenges, in order to minimize the chance of a relapse. Be prepared that there might be tension or arguments between family members during the holidays. You do not have to engage in every conversation or relationship. You have the power to disengage and set boundaries because you have to first and foremost take care of yourself.

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