Long Work Hours Related to Drinking

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As it turns out the word “workaholic” is more accurate than we think. According to a recent study in the BMJ, people who work more than 48 hours a week are more likely to develop dangerous drinking habits than those working less.

Of course, being a workaholic comes with its own problems: less time for family, friends, relaxation, and reflection. Long working hours alone often lead to “cardiovascular diseases, depression and anxiety, sleep deprivation, and occupational injuries.” Now, long working hours can lead another serious health concern: risky alcohol use.

Over 300,000 people from 14 different countries participated in the study. No matter one’s socioeconomic status, type of job, or geographical region, the study found that drinking is used to unwind among all types of social groups. From working a fast food line to long hours in a cubicle, long hours lead many people to drink after hours.

The study defines risky alcohol use as 21 drinks per week among men and 14 drinks per week among women. The word “risky” refers to the increased risk of health problems due to consuming alcohol to this extent, such as “liver diseases, cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, mental disorders, and injuries, as well as considerable social costs because of family disruption, violence, traffic incidents, healthcare costs, reduced work productivity, and permanent exclusion from the labour market.”

Employers could enforce policies that limit their employees to a maximum of 48 hours a week in an effort to curtail alcohol abuse, but that kind of effort is unlikely. It’s up to the struggling individuals to take steps to help themselves.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol abuse, whether or not it’s work related, Residence XII wants to help.

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