Justifications Used to Avoid Treatment

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Addictions is a deadly disease and approximately 23 million Americans age 12 and over are suffering from alcohol and drug abuse, according to Renew Every day. Even with this staggering statistic, many addicts refrain from seeking help and avoid rehab. As humans, we can sometimes believe we are stronger than we are and can avoid help because of this perception. If you know or believe you know someone who you think has a problem with addiction, it is important to understand why they may be avoiding treatment.  Here are five common reasons why an addict may be avert the treatment they need.

  1. “Quitting is Easy”

The difficult part with addiction is actually realizing that a serious problem has developed. One common phrase that is used by addicts is “I can stop whenever I want to.” This comes with the notion that there is complete control when using, when in actuality, the addiction is controlling them. If ceasing to use drugs or alcohol was as easy as simply saying, “I’m going to quit today”, there would be no reason why someone needs to tell themselves that they can quit anytime they want or need to.

  1. “Using Brings Happiness to My Life”

The mind is a powerful organ and can cause an addict to experience denial. It is also able to convince someone that drugs or alcohol is the source of their true happiness. For the moment being, it may bring a “good time” when using, but the control can be overbearing and transform into abuse. By this, the addiction in reality is affecting how one would normally live their life. For example, one may spend days, weeks, months or more wondering when or where they are going to get money for their habit or when the next time they can use. It is common for many addicts to believe that without these substances, they cannot find happiness. With this conviction, happiness is another rationalization to use to convince oneself that they need to continue their usage.

  1. “I’m Doing Better Than Others”

Another form of denial comes from pointing the finger at those who are worse off and have visible problems with substance abuse. Some may conclude that just because using substances is not affecting their lives as much as other addicts who have lost their jobs or have been arrested, they are in control. This influences addicts to presume that because they have not reached rock bottom or encountered the same harsh consequences; those who have are the ones with an actual problem. The fact of the matter is not seeking help could ultimately land an addict in the same rock bottom situations.

  1. “Using Does not Hurt Anyone Else”

Addicts may believe that their choices only affect themselves because they believe that it is their life, choices and health and only they should be concerned about because it’s nobody else’s problem. When addiction consumes an individual’s life, addiction affects loved ones as well as they cannot bear to see an addict potentially destroy their life. With substance abuse, drugs or alcohol can become the single thing that addicts care and think about, therefore resulting in distancing themselves from family and friends.

  1. “Rehab is Not a Place to Feel Secure About an Addiction”

Some addicts may bring excuses to why rehab is not for them. These centers often treat a specific and limited amount of patients, which involve group therapy sessions and speaking about personal struggles. These meaning groups are non-threatening and are reasonably small with those facing the same problem so that people can feel comfortable and speak freely. Additionally, patients are never forced to speak, but fear of public speaking can be a reason why addicts refrain from visiting a rehab center.

Here at Residence XII, we understand that seeking assistance for a substance abuse problem can be challenging for anyone and everyone involved. That is why we are here to accommodate each individual and get you or your loved one on the path to sobriety as it is never out of reach.

About Residence XII

Residence XII offers DRUG REHAB FOR WOMEN as well as alcohol treatment that empower women while leading them on their journey to recovery. At Residence XII, we welcome all women (+18) and aim to provide the highest quality INPATIENT and OUTPATIENT treatment for addiction available. Residence XII also offers a FAMILY PROGRAM aimed at helping family members and loved ones understand how to best help the patient in recovery. Contact us for a free DRUG AND ALCOHOL ASSESSMENT or to learn more about how we treat women with drug or alcohol dependency. Residence XII is state licensed by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) and a member of the NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers).


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