How to Avoid Temptation During the Holidays

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Staying sober during the holiday season can be very challenging for those struggling with addiction. The holidays are filled with parties and social gatherings where people sometimes celebrate the closing of the year and the start of a new by consuming food and drinks that contain alcohol. Individuals who are in their early stages of recovery, tend to have a harder time remaining sober when they are surrounded by people who are drinking or doing drugs. Although temptation around this time of the year can be high, here are some helpful tips that can be followed to ensure full sobriety during the holiday season.

Surround yourself with family and loved ones who support you

The people that are closest to you are usually the most supportive and are looking out for your best interests, even if they don’t fully understand addiction and what you are going through. When you are having a hard time staying sober, having someone to offer you a few words of encouragement can help you avoid temptation.

Go to a meeting

Attending 12-step groups or AA meetings can be very beneficial. These gatherings help because you’re surrounded by people who have experienced similar challenges that you are facing, and can provide you with helpful advice and resources.

Write a letter to yourself

Remind yourself of the reasons why you decided to get sober and make a list of all the positive things in your life to be grateful for. By documenting a written letter of your state of mind, you can re-read whenever you need a reminder about why you chose to recover from alcohol and/or drugs.

Have a balanced diet and exercise regularly

Try to avoid addictive foods that are too salty or sugary. Not only are they bad for you, these foods may prompt you to be more thirsty, which could lead to an increased desire to grab an alcoholic drink. In addition to eating right, getting regular exercise will help you to maintain a balanced lifestyle and is always an important part of any recovery program.

Focus on one day at a time and enjoy your sobriety

In early stages of recovery, it can be an overwhelming thought to imagine an entire lifetime free of consuming alcohol, and choosing sobriety above all. By living in the present moment and focusing on staying sober one day at a time, the goal appears to be much more achievable. It is also important not to dwell on moments of weakness that happened in the past, or fear what could happen in the future.

Avoid Being Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired

Being hungry, angry, lonely or tired are conditions that can leave us more vulnerable to temptation, because we are out of balance. It is important to stay in touch with our feelings and needs. This means eating something if you are hungry, talking or meeting up with someone if you are angry or lonely, and getting plenty of rest if tired.

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