How Addiction Impacts Families

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No matter your culture, race, gender, or level of wealth, drug and alcohol addiction can ruin relationships, especially within families. One unhealthy person has the power to rock a family’s stability, from their finances to the mental health of everyone around them. So while drug and alcohol abuse may seem like one person’s problem, when families are involved, it becomes everyone’s problem.

The temptation for many families is to ignore the issue and hope the addiction goes away on its own, or never becomes that big of a problem. Too often, this leaves people without the help they need, and the problems only grow larger. Drug and alcohol addiction is always a problem. Here’s why.

What often starts innocently can slowly and uncomfortably become a larger problem. Addiction doesn’t just affect how much substance is consumed, but everyday behavior as well.

Addiction often makes people do things they might never otherwise do. An honest person might lie. A hardworking person might get fired. Families depend on each member being reliable and trustworthy, and addiction makes that harder to achieve.

Drug addiction can lead to:

  • Family fights
  • Upset neighbors and friends
  • Job loss
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Unhealthy psyche

Many people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol have no idea, or make excuses for their behavior. They rarely seek out their own treatment, because they don’t see the problems their decisions cause for themselves or anyone else.

Because one person’s drug addiction affects the entire family, it’s important for the entire family to work on the issue together. Creating supportive and loving environments is hard work, especially in the face of addiction, but it’s all the more important in tough situations like these.

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