Being Aware of Drinking Habits

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What is moderate or “low risk” drinking? These days, many alcohol abuse experts feel that society has lost sight of what constitutes a healthy level of alcohol consumption. In fact, doctors are sometimes instructed to double the amount of alcohol consumption reported by their patients.

Moderate, Low-Risk Drinking Defined

As it turns out, the definition of “moderate drinking” varies between men and women. According to an article featuring Dr. Mark Willenbring, Director of the Division of Treatment and Recovery Research at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), low risk drinking consists of, “no more than four drinks in one day, and no more than 14 drinks in a week [for men and]… no more than three drinks in any day and no more than seven drinks in any week [for women]”.

Why are women encouraged to consume fewer drinks? According to an article on Today Health, women process alcohol differently. The article primarily attributes women’s lower tolerance to the fact that they “have much less water in their bodies…(and less of an enzyme that breaks down booze), meaning that after a drink, their organs are exposed to higher levels of alcohol for longer periods of time”.

Doctors Recommendation

Willenbring also states that the number of drinks considered to be “low risk” is not an absolute rule because every individual is different. Those who drink are encouraged to keep a journal tracking their consumption. He cautions that when people begin to greatly exceed the numbers associated with moderate drinking, there is cause for concern. Individuals who find that they frequently drink more than the moderate amount are encouraged to cut back. Should they find themselves unable to cut back, it is recommended they seek professional treatment.

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