Director’s Corner

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Greetings from Residence XII, I’ve been back as CEO for not quite a full quarter. As I’ve told many of you I’m not sure why my Higher Power put me on this path but I’m delighted to be on the journey. Since returning, I am reminded of the unique services Res XII provides in our community and want to share my enthusiasm for our programming with you too:

Women only: While women-only programs are growing, Residence XII is still the only adult women’s residential facility in the area. What we knew when we started Residence XII 30-plus years ago still holds true. For many women, drugs and alcohol are a way to medicate to avoid dealing with issues stemming from anxiety, depression, eating disorders, domestic violence and trauma. Programs like Residence XII’s allow a woman a secure and nurturing environment where she can learn about herself, her addiction, and why she hides it in shame.

Seeking Wholeness in Intensive Outpatient: More than 80 percent of the women Residence XII treats have experienced trauma. Our outpatient program offers 12-session rotation of topics addressing post traumatic stress disorder and chemical dependency called Seeking Wholeness. Women are given information about the interaction of trauma and addiction, symptoms they may be experiencing, and they learn coping tools. Women do not need to have gone through our inpatient program to participate.

Free community services: As a mission-driven organization it is a priority for us to be a resource for those seeking help for themselves or loved ones. Those services include:

AA/RX groups: On Tuesday evenings we host a women-only AA group called Sober Gals and on Wednesday evenings we offer a free facilitated RX Group for those with prescription drugs addictions. Both groups are from 7-8:30 p.m. and open to the public.

Free family classes: Residence XII believes addiction is a family disease. Whether a loved one is in treatment with us or not, we encourage family members to get support and education. Family classes meet for three consecutive weeks on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 7–8:30 p.m.

Intervention classes: Intervention can be the first step in saving the life of an alcoholic or drug addict. Val Roney teaches an intervention class the third Wednesday of the month from 6-7:30 p.m. Call 425-823-8844 to register.

I’m continually inspired by the staff and the women we serve. Many of you have asked how long I plan to stay at Residence XII. At this point my plan is stay at least a year. During this time I plan to look at collaboration with other agencies in preparation for health care reform; and to work with the Board regarding our strategic plan for our adjacent property. If you have any feedback or suggestions about Residence XII please don’t hesitate to call me– 425-823-8844 or send me an email at