Along with our management group, administrative support and research staff, the entire team at Residence XII is committed to developing and providing the highest quality chemical dependency treatment programs and comprehensive services to meet the unique needs of women and their families.

Chemical dependency professional jobs Kirkland

Utilization Review and Discharge Planner

Residence XII is recruiting a Chemical Dependency Professional, with a passion for contributing to the emerging health of our patients and our dynamic, skillful team to manage utilization review and discharge planning. A successful candidate will have the knowledge and skill set to navigate managed-care systems to obtain initial and ongoing authorizations for care. As discharge planner, this person will be counted on to be a strong member of our treatment community and a resource for patients.  Under the direction of the Agency Assessment and Referral Coordinator, the CDP is responsible for ensuring consistency with the Residence XII’s mission, values, and philosophical approach to the disease of addiction and with state regulatory requirements. The CDP must have a strong desire to be of service.  We seek individuals committed to working in a professional, multidisciplinary and creative environment. Knowledge or experience with the treatment needs of women is important and an understanding of co-occurring mental health issues is a plus. Send cover letter and resume to


  1. Must be CDP or registered with D.O.H as a counselor in the State of Washington. This position also requires meeting and maintaining Washington State qualifications for a Chemical Dependency Profession as defined in the WAC 388-805-205 & 246-811-03.
  2. B.A. or Masters Degree in Related field or equivalent work experience.


  1. Must demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills
  2. Must be detail oriented and well organized.
  3. Knowledgeable of community resources.
  4. Knowledge of the principles: steps and traditions of self-help and anonymous groups.
  5. Knowledge of ASAM & DSM IV-R criteria.
  6. Must have ability to work both autonomously and as a team member.


  1. Present complete and accurate clinical data for initial authorization and ongoing managed care review.
  2. Attend clinical staffing for inpatient and outpatient: obtain current clinical data.
  3. Keep staff apprised of utilization review dates and authorizations; contribute UR perspective to treatment team.
  4. Maintain accurate records of all documentation of managed care authorizations.
  5. Keep track of all appeals and write letters, etc., as needed to further appeal process.
  6. Carry pager in rotation with other staff