Along with our management group, administrative support and research staff, the entire team at Residence XII is committed to developing and providing the highest quality chemical dependency treatment programs and comprehensive services to meet the unique needs of women and their families.

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  CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER QUALIFICATIONS In addition to possessing exceptional skills associated with managing and leading an organization, we are looking for a person who will be passionate about our work, who will bring a sense of motivation and commitment, and who generally is able to competently handle the day-to-day challenges of running a small non-profit  like Residence XII.
  • Minimum five years experience in nonprofit or public agency management, including supervision of paid staff and volunteers.
  • M.A.,  M.S.W. or graduate degree in a related health field preferred; extensive experience may be substituted for education. Chemical Dependency Professional Certification preferred.
  • Familiar with and supportive of the 12 step process of recovery.
  • Skilled in human resource management, team-building, personnel development, and successful conflict management.
  • Experience working with a board and strategic planning efforts.
  • Demonstrated ability in public speaking, clear and effective written and oral communication, effective group and interpersonal skills, and skilled at negotiation.
  • Working knowledge of nonprofit fiscal management, including fund accounting and budgeting.
The CEO shall have no history of alcohol or other drug misuse for a period of seven years prior to the time of employment or while employed as CEO. RESPONSIBILITIES: General Agency Management The CEO is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the agency’s licensed or certified behavioral health treatment services, including:
  • All administrative matters;
  • Individual care services
  • Meeting all applicable rules, policies and ethical standards.
The CEO must ensure administrative, personnel and clinical policy and procedure manuals are:
  • Developed and adhered to and kept current to be in compliance with CARF  certification and Washington Administrative  Code (WAC) 388-877B as applicable.
  • Reviewed and revised as necessary, at least annually.
  • Dated and signed by persons having responsibility for approval of the policies and procedures.
  • Readily available to personnel.
The CEO must ensure that Residence XII develops and maintains a written internal quality management plan/process that :
  • Addresses the clinical supervision and training of clinical staff,
  • Monitors compliance with the rules in WAC 388-877B and other state and federal rules and laws that govern agency licensing and certification requirements.
    • Continuously improves the quality of care in all of the following
    • Cultural Competency
    • Use of evidence based and promising practices in response to:
  • Critical incidents
  • Complaints & Grievances.
Have a working knowledge of all programs provided and oversee all the programs, services and activities to achieve agency objectives and is responsible for integrating into daily operations the core values and mission of Residence XII. Oversee Human Resource functions including, recruitment and retention of qualified staff to ensure the agency is adequately staffed to provide high quality treatment and employ sufficient qualified personnel to provide:
  • Appropriate chemical dependency treatment,
  • Facility security,
  • Patient safety and other special needs of patients.
  • Ensure all persons providing counseling services are registered, certified or licensed as required by the department of health.
  • Ensure that personnel records document that Washington state patrol background checks consistent with R C W 73.73.830 though 43.43.834 have been completed for each employee in contact with individuals receiving services.
  • Ensures that there is an up to date personnel file for each employee, trainee, student, volunteer and contracted staff person who provides or supervises an individuals’ care.Assign responsibilities for a clinical supervisor to at least one person within the organization
  • Ensure all full–time chemical dependency professionals (CDP), CDP trainees or other licensed or registered counselors in training to become a CDP do not exceed one hundred twenty hours of patient contact per month.
  • Delegate to a staff person the duty and responsibility to act in the CEO’s behalf when the CEO is not on duty or on call.
  • Be available to
    • The persons served
    • Personnel
  • Assure agency's compliance with all necessary licensing, accrediting and regulatory authorities.
  Responsible for the fiscal integrity of the agency.
  • Prepare annual agency budget with appropriate staff and Board involvement. Assure agency's compliance with accounting regulations, and completion of the annual audit.
  • Monitor periodic operational metrics and monthly financial performance. Report to Board or Finance Committee monthly.
  • Establish and implement appropriate risk management programs including insurance coverage in the amount and type approved by the Board to protect the operations, employees, properties and the Board of Directors against those risks which the Board determines necessary.
  • Responsible for gathering input needed for key decision making from:
    • The persons served
    • All levels of personnel
    • Other stakeholders
  • Facilitate an ongoing strategic planning process with appropriate staff and Board involvement.
  • Be alert to potential significant issues and opportunities that may affect the agency and provides that proactive positions are taken. Prepares a written report for the Board as appropriate.
Responsible for performance in the following areas:
  • Maintaining a focus on the persons served.
  • Resource utilization.
  • Management of programmatic outcomes.
  • Safety.
  • Demonstration of an organized system of information management.
  • Ensuring the flow of pertinent information to appropriate parties.
Board Support and Leadership
  • Bring all appropriate issues and policy decisions to the Board in a timely manner.
  • Provide all Board committees with appropriate staff support.
  • Between meetings of the Board the CEO reports on a regular basis to the President of the Board and executive committee concerning the affairs of the agency.
Fund Development
  • Identify possible sources of obtaining new funds, including grants, and other possible options.
  • Take a leadership role with Board and staff in developing presentations appropriate to possible donor groups.
  • Assist the Board in establishing an annual fund drive through appropriate committees.
  • Apply, in timely fashion, for all funds budgeted from outside sources; keep Board informed of outcomes.
Health Care
  • Identify and oversee program development and new service opportunities.
  • Manages the program consistent with an abstinence based recovery model, incorporating a variety of 120step programs and other comprehensive treatment modalities
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with insurance providers, other payors and State agencies
  • With appropriate staff create and implement a strategic marketing strategy incorporating the Residence XII treatment philosophy, which enhances the agency's image throughout the Northwest and ensures a sufficient patient flow to strengthen the financial integrity of the agency.
Public Relations
  • Ensure the agency has a visible and effective public image by regular use of the media, speaking engagements, membership in professional organizations, and a presence at all appropriate public functions.
  • Establish and maintain contact with key individuals in local government, other nonprofit agencies and the business sector to further agency's public image and reputation.
  Reports to Board of Directors


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