Alcohol and Drug Rehab Everett, WA

Women suffering from alcohol or drug addiction in Everett, WA are within driving distance of a special program created just for women. Residence XII has helped more than 10,000 women since it opened in 1981. Our drug and alcohol abuse programs are abstinence-based and use 12-step principles.

Addiction Treatment That's Just for Women

Drug and Alcohol RehabWomen often hide their alcohol or drug abuse, and suffer more shame because of it. Residence XII treatment programs are built around the special needs of women in treatment and recovery. Our alcohol and drug programs focus on the disease of addiction, but also address the guilt and shame that accompanies addiction. In treatment, women work on their self-esteem, assertiveness, nutrition, and relationship issues. They develop the life skills needed for sobriety. Our mission is to provide the highest quality chemical dependency treatment programs and comprehensive services to meet the unique needs of women and their families. Each treatment plan includes the Family Program to help family members learn how to support women in recovery as they focus on their own needs. The Family Program is open to people whose loved ones are in treatment.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs

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