5 Things to Know About Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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It’s important to understand how drug and alcohol addiction begins in an individual. Whether it is yourself, or a loved one experiencing a difficult time, learning the facts and knowing how to handle addiction can change a life.

It Only Takes One Use

Once a user tries a drug, their likelihood of becoming addicted has significantly increased. If a positive reaction to drug use is experienced during the first time the substance is taken, the individual is more likely to experiment with drugs additional times, thus leading to the possibility of a long-term addiction. It is important to know that just because you try something one time, doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t become addicted.

Genetics Play a Role in Addiction

One of the biggest indicators of whether or not someone may be susceptible to addiction can be found in an individual’s genetics. If there is prevalent family history of addiction, than there is a high probability that an individual can become obsessive in using drugs and alcohol, due to a predisposition to an addictive personality.

Anyone Can Suffer From Addiction

There is not one specific type of person who suffers from addiction. For example, many people place stereotypes on addicts and think that only homeless individuals or criminals are drug abusers. But this isn’t the case; addiction can affect a person at any age or income level, and at any time. No one person is immune to becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Addiction is Treatable

Most addicts cannot get sober without some sort of assistance. In most situations, the drugs or alcohol have taken over an individual’s brain and body. Family and friends play a major role in the recovery process, as often times they can help bring attention to their loved ones that they may have a problem with drug or alcohol abuse.

Recovery is Hard

It is important to remember that treatment is not a cure. While an individual may be getting treated for addiction, this does not necessarily mean that the possibility of relapse is nonexistent. It is imperative that the individual who is recovering engages in activities that support overall health, and that she surrounds herself with friends and family who support her journey to recovery. Never forget what a strong and courageous choice it is to live a sober lifestyle.

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